Re-Entry Permit 回港证

W Kowloon Office

I made this reservation on February 9th effortlessly. It’s 1.1 km (15 min walk) from our hotel. Pretty good service however, it’s the wrong place to renew the document: should have been the China Travel Agency 中国旅行社.

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The China Travel Agency, known as 中旅社 is less organized. They require another set of documents. I reasoned with Dad, “Do you really want to do this?”
“Yes, I do.”
“For what purpose?”
“To go to China.”
Never mind that he never wanted to go to China in the first place.
“Dad, you have a 10-year visa to China, you know that, right?”
“Yes I know.”
“Dad, you know that if you go into China on Re-Entry Permit, you don’t have the protection of the US.”
Without thinking any further, he got up and left.

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