Fayuan Si 法源寺

7 Fayuansi Front St, Xicheng, Beijing

This temple is well known to me but not to general public – one of my friends said she’s never heard of it. (zh wiki) The first taxi driver, who has been driving for 13 years, declined to go, told me “Maybe someone is from Beijing knows.” The second cab, luckily is from Beijing but he doesn’t know either. Bravely, he agreed to go and dropped me off in the vicinity. My great grandfather had his service here in 1942.

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A short walk, took me to the temple. No parking but ..

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The admission is ¥5, less than a US$1. This is the oldest temple in Beijing that still functions.

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The daily grind ..

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A newbie traces the bible/scripture, “there isn’t an end to this. You do as you wish.” He said.
“Would you say this is a good way to practice calligraphy?”
“Oh … never thought of it this way.” He paused then said, “sure yes.”
I’m practical.
He added, “some monks use their blood to trace ..”
Oh my. That’s bloody!

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The interior

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