Taking train in China

Because of a messed up, to avoid forfeiture, my train ticket (G7236 10:40 上海 – 13:42 合肥南) must be returned before the train leaves. I was 20 minutes early but the lines for re-assignment was long. So I opted to refund the ticket, which charges 20% handling fee (not sure if re-assignment charges a fee). The lines for purchasing tickets were long too; it’s far shorter at the machines but I couldn’t buy since I don’t have a Chinese ID card.

imageI got a standing ticket for ¥203.5 (cost the same as a seat; about US$31) from Shanghai to Hefei bec no any other kinds of ticket available. Perhaps it’s a punishment for me for not checking! The train (G7576) was very punctual, left 上海虹桥 at 12:16, making stops at Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Danyang, Zhenjiang, Nanjing South (@ 2 hr mark, 2:16pm!), arrived Hefei 合肥南 at 3:18pm.

Actually, there is a faster train (G576, 08:34 上海虹桥 – 11:05 合肥南), takes only 2:31 instead of 3 hours but my relative insisted to take me to the station, I didn’t want them to get up so early.

A little side note: since I forgot to turn on roaming, my phone didn’t work well – T Mobile provides free data outside of USA, which works well for me in China. To inform my friend in Hefei, I asked a young woman who sat next to me to WeChat for me (I did’t have friend’s phone number …). Without any incentive she agreed. I did offer her money but she refused. She’s from the countryside, works in Shanghai temporarily, hoping to earn a decent living.


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