Cement Dam 洋灰坝

My second stop after the Reception Hall is this Cement Dam 洋灰坝 by a broccoli rabe field 油菜 at 尧渡老河韩家滩 in Dongzhi.


This dam was built by Zhou Fu’s 4th son Xuexi in 1924. At the time, the county was known as Qiupu 秋浦. According to his diary entry in 1924 (pic below, third paragraph), seeing the flood from Yaodu River over the years, as he was constructing the dam on the Hanjiatan bank, not only to enhance the protection to his ancestors’ graves but also benefit the locals.

修建秋浦韩家滩河坝 … 捐款修洋灰坝,以保障民田,不仅为祖坟作护堤已也.

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A new building is going up at one end of the bridge; buildings on the other end of bridge.  A major roadway. My next stop is to visit Mr. Chen, the 3rd generation of tomb caretaker.

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