Meishan 梅山

It’s a very beautiful morning in Dongzhi. The narrow path that could only fit a single person, is a good indication for the treacherous terrain that to follow. The broccoli rabe field is in full bloom. All fit one’s imagination of being in the wild. Being physically challenged.


Keep dreaming.

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It’s only when you get closer did I see the unevenly shaved hills, which reminded me of men and women were being humiliated during the Cultural Revolution when their hair was half shaved. The greedy developers cut the trees and the local government either is in it or unable to stop it. The path, they told me is paved by the developer to truck out the trees.

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Very lucky that we ran into the couple who used to take care of the tomb. They were on their way up the mountain. She has their lunch, everything double, in the bag. The

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梅山宝衣坞: 梅山是村名, 山名叫宝衣坞. The original Meishan Naos 梅山古寺’s gone. The current one is a recent built, not far from the old one “这是后来建的。原来的古寺不在了 换了地,原古寺在附近不远的地方.”

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手机罢工,所以都是别人的. 今天去最后一个墓(长故事) 小路弯曲+陡. 照片中是康庄大道,好走的一段. 好运 下山时碰到看墓的人 – 夫妇二人,第二代. 祖先总是在墓的周围种植 板栗,看墓人可以维生. 心疼:地方政府不管,不良开发商乱发木,山头好像文革时期剔的鸳鸯头 [发怒][发怒]. 本来只有羊肠小径上山. 这些“康庄大道”是开放商为伐木 [抓狂]

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