The tomb of a girl

She’s a maid and became the last concubine of Zhou Fu. For reasons unclear – there are several versions as why – she’s chased out of the door of the Zhous and lived her live out elsewhere. Her son pleaded for her return but the patriarch didn’t budge. After death, she’s buried in the Meishan 梅山.

A sad story.

Getting to her tomb is the most difficult.

IMG_9734 IMG_9733

Form tomb carer’s home. The carers were never paid in cash but my ancestors always had enough acreage and crops for them to live on. In this case, the chestnut trees (板栗), full mountain of them.

IMG_9732 IMG_9731

Time’s short with this group of hosts. I hope in the near future, I could come and spend a week or two to volunteer.  Next stop, Lujiang.


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