SeventhSon 家全七福

Jiaquan Qifu: 33 Fucheng Lu
中国上海浦东富城路33号 邮政编码 200120
电话:(86 21) 6882 8888 香格里拉酒店

This Cantonese restaurant is on the second floor of Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, in East Shanghai. It faces the Bund – great view. The original one is in Hong Kong, established by ex-Fook Lam Moon 福臨門 chef  徐維均 in 2013. As it turns out, China has four branches and Jap has 3, totaling 8 restaurants as of now.

I’d give it 4 stars for ambiance, service and food. They serve wine by the glass. There are cigars on display, I didn’t ask since I don’t smoke. It’s the policy of the restaurant that they entertain smokers too – wondering where will they seat the smokers.

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