The Lu Cuisine 鲁菜

Dad meets his youngest uncle in Jinan, who’s a couple of years his junior (also from a concubine).  Shandong cuisine which is nicknamed Lucai 鲁菜 cuisine Lu is one of the eight regional Chinese cuisines.

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  1. Anhui, the Hui Cuisine (徽菜): Egg dumplings, stinky tofu
  2. Cantonese, Yue Cuisine (粤菜): seafood, and generally light flavors
  3. Fujian, the Min Cuisine (闽菜): renowned for its soups and seafood
  4. Hunan, the Xiang Cuisine (湘菜): spicy flavors
  5. Jiangsu, the Su Cuisine (苏菜): braised spare ribs
  6. Shandong, the Lu Cuisine (鲁菜): Peking Duck
  7. Sichuan, Chuan Cuisine (川菜): spicy flavors and use of chili
  8. Zhejiang, the Zhe Cuisine (浙菜): fish in vinegar


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Lu cuisine is also one of Four Great Traditions as in cooking in China:

  1. Lu Cuisine (Shandong Cuisine)
  2. Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan Cuisine)
  3. Yue Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine)
  4. Su Cuisine (Jiangsu Cuisine)

This one at Yuquan hotel 玉泉 in Jinan is ok.


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