Hongyun Courtyard 鴻运农家院

After paying respect to my great grandpa and many other ancestors, we stopped by 鸿运农家院 for lunch at the edge of Gaoshang Cun – (刘集镇皋上村 – 鸿运农家院在村边) distant relatives who are still living there. My family had lunch in a room and the locals, men in the next room while their ladies were in the main dining hall..

IMG_0216 IMG_0221 IMG_0276 IMG_0223 IMG_0231 IMG_0240 IMG_0272 IMG_0277

The bathroom is still very rudimentary. This kid just peed right out side of the entrance to the restaurant.

IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0280 IMG_0255

It’s time to depart and the locals bid us a warm farewell. Thank you!

IMG_0286 IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0287



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