Thip Khao

3462 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010

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After the commencement we have dinner with her friend and family. I’m a Chinese who usually doesn’t like Southeast Asian cuisines because of their taste are bit too sweet for me. This one is no exception. The decor is clean and the service is good. However, my 3-star rating is for somewhat ok bathroom and food (we’ve nine people so our selection’s wide):

  • The complementary cucumber with a dash of hot spicy paste is unappetizing – they don’t mesh, do they?
  • The pig’s ear – the Americans don’t even like to eat the grapes and water melons with seeds, how do they come to like pig’s ears that are full of cartilage?

Seriously, is this a novelty or Asian Fever, or both? I know I’ve no sophistication, and narrow mind.

The most off putting is their hot rice in the clear plastic: is this even healthy? The little container is charming but I won’t want my food served in plastic bags.  Yelp

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