Second Story Books

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library
Jorge Luis Borges

This used book store in Dupont Circle is on the high end side: many books sell for well over several hundreds, and some are in 5 figures. It’s on 2000 P St NW, (202) 659-8884.

IMG_0188A six volumes from Richard Nixon Library, with his signature on one copy sells for $900. Near by, the Antichita Di Ercalano (or Ercolano?) – Antiquities of Herculaneum Exposed (8 volumes) retails for $17,500. I asked to see the signature, the kid in red shirt didn’t find it. I returned the following day, the other guy found it but forbid me to photo citing copyright, ?? Whatever.

This copy of bio of Fitzgerald by Sheila Schwartz (I didn’t check the edition) sells for $750, while Amazon can do 2012 edition under $5 bucks.

IMG_0190 IMG_0195

When I walked in, a woman with a box full of books followed: she went in to sell, and said she’s more to bring. The young man eyeballed the box and said, they would take the books.

IMG_0182 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0183

A room without books is like a body without a soul


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