Nobu Next Door

105 Hudson Street
New York

Pumpkin wants some Japanese, so we go. It’s a gorgeous summer day. Low or no humidity and temperature is in the 70s. Comfortable to walk and drink out door. Yelp

It’s New York Restaurant Week. Nobu has such a good name – my husband went many times … but, either this is Next Door or I don’t know how to enjoy good food: food, in general, is very average. They ordered from RW and I ordered off the regular menu: spicy tuna roll and yellowtail roll. By far, for high end Jap, Morimoto is a better choice, for your eyes and taste buds.

IMG_4142  IMG_4137
The shrimp in the shrimp tempura is hard and rather tasteless; the texture of the steak is ok but also tasteless.

IMG_4130 IMG_4128 IMG_4138 IMG_4131

The desserts are good. Good point – they use handheld credit card swiper.

IMG_4132 IMG_4133

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