Grain House, II

This is the second time, also the last time. The picture below, next to the menu is tea, not coffee. Yelp

image image

We arrived at 11:30 for lunch to an empty restaurant. There is a woman with two children, about 6 years old, by the bar who didn’t bother to acknowledge us. A cartoon is on the tv the entire time. The kids roam around the restaurant, from time to time as they wish. I understand the working parents dilemma but this isn’t the place to keep your children, especially when you want to establish yourself as a serious business.

image image image image

  • Beef tribe is good
  • Lamb wrapped in tinfoil is good
  • Dandan noddle is ok
  • Juicy soup buns/dumplings – Xiaorong Bao is terrible, from supermarket frozen section?
  • Eggplant is too sweet
  • Beef Lo Mein is ok
  • Rice, for Pete’s sake is old and hard

image image

The dumplings cost $6.25 when Nanxiang charges $5.25 with supiror quality, no comparison.

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