Vanguard Wine Bar

189 Amsterdam Ave., New York
(212) 799-9463

This Upper West Side wine bar is one of my favorites. Cozy benches and cushions but bit over priced. It’s humming on a week day. We got there after Mets, getting crowded from 6pm and on. It’s convenient to Lincoln Center and the food is fine:

  1. Mini caviar trio: smoked trout roe, wasabi tobiko on blini creme fraiche and chives
  2. Combo meats n cheeses
  3. Arugula walnut and grape salad

IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912 IMG_2909

We’ve three red: I love the Syrah, very yummy:

  1. Chateau la Bastide “Vieilles Vignes’ 2013 Syrah
  2. Domaine de la Damase 2014 Grenache
  3. “Original Malbec” Anne de Joyeuse 2014


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