King’s Premium Seafood

374 Great Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

The green awning has no name: either is they’re too new or they don’t care.

Because of a pick up, we discovered this deli style sea food eatery, on a street that houses mostly car body shops. The patrons at this eatery are all friends and acquaintance. One lady using her arm as a measuring stick, to say that she still remembers one of the staff as a toddler. Other than seafood, they sell raw meat too, and of course, serve meals.

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The waiting staff are two young guys, timid and slow. One came to take away the 4th settings but we’re only two. When we handed them the credit card, he asked if they accept this commonly used cc. When he brought back for our signature, he stands by, towers over us. The food came slow too. My shrimp, part of the meal arrived separately, when we almost finished.

The store is mostly white, which feels clean. The water bottle has, hopefully, a smear of mustard. There’s a bothersome fly. We’ve their lunch special: sushi rolls ($9 for 2 rolls $12 for three) and sushi/sashimi @ $15. The sashimi is fresh but the rice is too hard, as if not completely cooked, which is a huge turn off.

The menu looks bit pricey, especially the location but they offer some cute drinks (the Craze Coconut water tastes fake and sweet, and the Kimura Ramune/fun marble drink is better of the two – is carbonated). The wasabi is good too.

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