The train stations in China

I enjoy train travel a lot. Part of nostalgic, part of convenient, and part of its concise timing: leaving and arriving on the dot. Air travel in China, trends to be delayed and canceled.

With the high speed train mushrooming, each city is adding addition state of the art stations. To distinguish, the newer one always have the location/directional indicator in the name, such as Beijing Station South or West. Shanghai Hongqiao perhaps is the only exception.

  • Beijing Station
  • Beijing Station South
  • Beijing Station West
  • Shanghai Station
  • Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Zhengzhou
  • Zhengzhou N
  • Xuzhou E
  • Taiyuan South
  • Xi’an North
  • Jinan
  • Hefei
  • Dalian

They charge you ¥5 to pick up tickets that’s not start from that station. It seems to me, either the system is inadequate or milking.0


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