Typhoon, in double doesage

Hong Kong shuts down to Haima, Macau and Zhuhai bow or bend over to Sarika (?) as schools close.

I take my morning stroll on the Lover’s Road all the way to Gongbei. Although Irene sees no evil hears no evil – all peaceful and tranquil but for safety, I’m quarantined under house arrest in the hotel, even the weather forecast show no sign of destruction since yesterday, 10.20. I didn’t pay any attention to the typhoon since Zhuhai has a little sign of being affected, so not sure of the name, be it Sarika or Karen or whatever.

Two workers are out there cleaning! Shouldn’t they wait till the typhoon’s over?

img_0630 img_0632

1476883686_img_0084 img_0641

As it turns out, the double typhoons made no appearance in Zhuhai. A few screen shots of Friday’s weather

img_0644 img_0645 img_0646 img_0649 img_0652 img_0653 img_0655 img_0656

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