He Ji Caiguan 和记菜馆

Tangjia Chashui Jingshanfang Lu
唐家茶水井山房路 (唐绍仪故居斜对面)
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

A Farmer’s restaurant 农家饭 near Tang Shaoyi’s former residence. Duck is the dish and they sell certain numbers each day. Come early or come next time.

Food is fine, average ¥30 a dish but I won’t go crazy for it – once, perhaps is enough for me. Their duck is cooked in thick sauce which I don’t like – I much prefer the Peking duck or Chaozhou duck without sauce.

img_0996 img_0983 img_0981 img_0997

Cash only and ¥2 corkage fee for each bottle. See the red bucket to the right? That’s the water to rise …

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The area is gentrifying: high rises are going up.

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