Meixuan Yangsheng Huoguo 美轩养生火锅

Banquet Health Hotpot
Taiyuan, China

An upscale restaurant. We dine in the private room. While waiting, they served a plate of fruits, which is nice since our lunch was pretty hot.

img_7667 img_7671 img_7673 img_7674 img_7675 img_7676

Before the hotpot, we have some various dishes that are finely presented and taste wonderful. I particularly enjoy the durian pastry (better than Flushing’s) and consumed two.

img_7694 img_7687 img_7691 img_7690 img_7689 img_7688 img_7686 img_7685 img_7698 img_7697 img_7696


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