Hengfu Yangguang Club Tea House

Hengfu Yangguang Club
2 South Qinglv Road, Zhuhai 519015, China

The restaurant and the tea house are on either side of the Club lobby. I’ve many meals there: very delicious. I particularly like their pufferfish – 河豚鱼. Fortunately, they do a great job – I risked my little life twice and get to live to write this review.

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It’s the hairy crab season and they’re the only one I’d crabs this time in China that provides crab utensils and gloves automatically. They also offer a cup of dark sugar ginger tea, to balance out the coldness  寒 of the crabs.

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The Japaneses restaurant on the 5th floor is being renovated at the moment. The staff is friendly and helpful.

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