Eating in JiNan

One of Daddy’s favorites: his Mom’s 糊粉

I got to JiNan in the morning. After checked in at hotel I rushed to see Dabo 大伯. I got there around noon. Auntie Jennie waited for me in front of the hospital with my cousin Zhang Ge. There’s warmth upon meeting Dabo and Dabo Mu, not formal (as I feared ..) and no fuss. I’d imaged few times what should I say and do because they’re the elders of the family hence the patriarch. Dabo offered me fresh longjing dragon well tea. It’s light and fragrant, lusciously soothing. My cousin, his daughter Zhang Ping has cooked a delicious lunch.

After the tour of wanzhu yuan on Tuesday, we lunched at this restaurant near the park. The food is so so, nothing to write home about.

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