List of 22 attractions in Pingyao

Pingyao 平遥古城 22景点列表:

  1. Ancient City Wall 古城墙
  2. Erlang Temple 二郎庙 on North St (near northern Gongji gate 拱极门)
  3. The Residence of Ma’s Family 马家大院 (bet north and east gates)
  4. Pingyao Ancient Residence Museum 古民居
  5. Chinese Armed Escort Agency Museum 中国镖局博物馆
  6. Rishengchang Draft Bank Museum 日升昌票号 on West St
  7. Wu Taihou 蔚泰厚 on West St (next to 日升昌 )
  8. Weishengchang Exchange Shop 蔚盛长交易所 on West St
  9. Huiwulin Museum 汇武林 on West St
  10. Xietongqing Exchange Shop 协同庆钱庄 on South St
  11. QingxuGuan Taoist Temple 清虚观 on East St (by Qinhan gate 亲翰门)
  12. Military Arts House  古兵器博物馆
  13. Tianjixiang Museum 天吉祥博物馆
  14. The First Armed Escort Agency in North China 华北第一镖局
  15. Chinese Commerce Chamber Museum 中国商会博物馆
  16. Pingyao County Government Office – 县衙 on Yamen St (near south)
  17. Temple of the City God – 城隍庙
  18. The Confucius Temple  文庙 (southeast corner, near 城隍庙)
  19. Baichuantong Exchange Shop 百川通 on South St (near 同兴公镖局)
  20. Tongxinggong Ancient Security Guard Company 同兴公镖局 on South St (near 百川通)
  21. China Rare Newspaper Museum 珍奇报纸陈列馆 on South St (near YingXun 迎熏门 gate in the south)
  22. Former Residence of Lei Lvtai 雷履泰故居 (bet the South and YingXun gates)

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