Bell Tower Youth Hostel 鐘樓青年旅舍

img_84161 North Street, Beilin District
Xi’an, Shaanxi 陕西, China

Since my plan isn’t inked in stone so I reserved this hotel just in case. I also tried to score an overnight train back to Taiyuan but was unable. Neither worked so I stayed.

It’s next to the Bell Tower, if location is important to you, this is it. Other than that, this place has nothing else to offer.

When I checked in, the staff couldn’t find my reservation. They looked into their monitor, digging, digging and digging. Finally found me on Expedia even I booked it on for US$19.

What or whom does the Internet try to fool – themselves or the consumers?

img_8433 img_8432 img_8431 img_8430

Looking out from the 2nd floor terrace

img_8429 img_8428 img_8427

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