Cats the musical

Neil Simon Theatre
250 W 52nd Street
on Broadway in New York


The last time I saw Cats, must have been ten some years ago. This current production feels refreshing, from the costumes to make up to the physical fitness of the actors, are all really enjoyable. During the intermission, the audience are invited to get on to the stage. The cat was there to entertain.

The middle section of the seats at mezzanine overhang  (row A) are not available, period. I checked many performances. Perhaps is purchased by tour company? The seats are fully occupied, by young Asians. This musical is suitable for non English speakers.

After writing Memory, Webber asked his composer dad how’s it, his dad said, “sounds like million dollars …” I feel the only complain I have, other then the middle section of row A is, Memory isn’t sung enough … ha ha ha. I youtubed the follow, and have to say that I like Streisand and Brightman better than Paige’s:

最后一次看百老汇音乐剧🐱大概是十年前了. 重温旧梦,耳目一新. 服装 化妆 都无懈可击 [强]. 🐱娃🐱蛙的身材曲线好!可惜 Memory 唱的不够多 [偷笑] 当年Webber 韦伯 写完后 问他也是作曲的老爸 “怎么样?” 爸爸说 “百万..” 岂止百万 [强]. (Whitney Houston 好像没有录过这首歌 – 可惜… Carey 也没有)二楼第一排 两边的位子有 中间的没有-场场如此. 觉得大概是旅行社包了吧?[发呆] [发怒]

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