Sunday brunch

To celebrate a girl who just being promoted to the head of major oil company in China. OMG, it’s so cool! She’s going to move fm Shanghai to Beijing soon. We yoga/stretch in the morning and watch a volleyball match, and feast. Even the macaroons are home made.

img_9396 img_9394 img_9407 img_9406

The duck is not good, it’s awesome great. Btw, I crab them out of the pond, ha ha ha, just kidding.

img_9423 img_9381 img_9389 img_9387 img_9379 img_9418 

… then move to the tea house they just built. The sink washbowl is a piece of wood. The thin blind is between two layers of glass – avoid dust.

img_9433 img_9429 img_9434 img_9236

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