Beethoven’s violin concert, again

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Oh my, he’s not 50 yet! Nearly a full house for Beethoven. The manner of the violist – Nikolaj Znaider – a little too business like tho. It’s a clean and enjoyable performance. The staff at the entrance check each concert goer with scanner that goes through your body. I said to the cute guy “no bother we Chinese don’t do bombing thing…” he just laughed. Hope that made his day: seriously $40k isn’t nearly enough for me to give up my dear little life.

再听贝爷爷的 🎻协奏曲 和第一次没有什么不同:都是上天堂. 一年上2次天堂 不嫌多哈. 贝爷的小提琴协奏曲朴实 (as 柴可夫斯基的 华丽)Dvorak 得到 Brahms 的推荐但是没有青出于蓝…

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