Nicaragua day 6: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day ..

Apoyo Lagoon day.

We woke up to it every day, and pictured it so much, physically and mentally.

A clean and lovely lake inside of the crater of Apoyo Volcano in Nicaragua (between the departments of Masaya and Granada).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cable to glide down 🙂 .. so we went on wheels.

First stop at the Norome, the high end hotel (or hostel) in the area.

filing down to the shore p1040576 p1040577 dsc_2602
Kamijo San took us to his favored spot: a rocky area with springs. He encouraged DQ to buy.
He immediately went to work, digging the hole. We brought bagful eggs to cook .. well… of all varieties …


The Ocean Six in the lake Apoyo

We stopped by DQ’s friend Jim’s place. Kamijo takes care of it too.


The charming US$80,000 property on the lake Apoyo is on a steep slop.

I fall in love with this little paradise enormously.
The open-air deck hut (above) has antique furniture. The door is just wonderful.
And the shack few feet below is even more enticing.

the bed
Jim got hold of a photo of Chairman Mao’s bed. He had the local carpenter to duplicate it with mahogany wood at a cost of US$600.
Mahogany .. wood .. it almost a good enough for me to move down there !!

the curtain ..
Not sure what this curtain would do.
But it looks cute.
Was it linen?
It’s the thought that counts.

the bathroom
Let’s not forget about the little hide-away bathroom
A necessity
Nicaragua is humid when we were there. But over all, is on the dry side, hence we did not encounter mosquitoes
the table
Kamijo San made this guitar shaped table. He pointed to the four thin tree trucks and said
“Americans …”
He patted his own behind:
“all has big butt …”
he laughed, so did we.
The size of the state of Texas? I’m guilty.
I wrapped the towel tighter 🙂
Kamijo San continued …
“I need to put something on top …”
As he was saying, my eyes spotted what I was looking for …

Oh heaven …
A little private beach
Nicaragua government doesn’t grant beach to private property owners. But a place like this, it is as private as private could get: no access. So it’s private.

more water

The best definitely, is saved for the last
a private beach on the lake Apoyo.
The water is crystal clear
blue green, turquoise …
For some stranger reason, I prefer this kind of beach over the wide open ocean sandy beach
I’m more of a lake or river person than ocean man.
Exquisite vs monotonous
Adorned vs plain

deep blue green p1040643

Ocean .. expansive, ferocious and infinite where the skies kiss the water

Just to think trying to swim across (although I have no idea where) makes me tired without even tried.
How could Irene swim across an ocean?
That’s silly. I know. (It’s never hurt to dream)the rock

But that’s how my mind functions: whenever I see a poodle of water, I think of swimming across it.
Hence I favor lake and river over ocean.
You are more likely to find hidden nocks and interesting coroners in the river or lake.

Look at that rock, isn’t it a perfect picnic spot for the Berenstain family?
Pinot Grigio
jalapeno cheese

Eyeing the rock to the right, I just had to climb up to take this photo, even my pasture’s is not quite there as the little mermaid in Copenhagen …the big, fat, old mermaid

I heard that the little known Copenhagen mermaid will go to Shanghai, helping to celebrate the World Fair in 2010 …
Ok .. here is the close up of the well known big, fat, ugly mermaid 🙂
Oppps, forget old too

let's go

Sorry people, my gangs are calling me…
got to get going…

Stood in the water, I didn’t want to leave …

“Do we have to go?” I cried.
“Yes …”
Ya right, we had a flight to catch, and families to return to.

Our plane from Managua back to Miami scheduled to depart at 2:00pm.
Sorry about the blurry picture. Lou refused to stop in the middle of the street, allowing me to take one more picture. The gangs explained to me that due to my prolong play in the water, we were actually kinda of late for the flight.
So we ran.
Sweating and panting like cows … we rushed into the airport, then found out the flight was delayed for an hour.
Too bad, I could have, would have and absolutely should have played in the water longer … …
“Too bad.” DQ said. “It cut into our connecting time by half.”
That’s pretty dicy: DQ booked the connecting flight 2 hours after the scheduled arrival; also the last flight to New York’s JFK. The next flight’s 8am next day.
Would … could … should we strain in Miami for the night … South Beach ???
They nixed my idea.
“Listen, we need to run as soon as we arrive at Miami because the terminal is really far away.” DQ instructed us.
I double-checked my shoes, making sure the laces were fastened.
Listen, we needed to go through custom. Meaning we needed to retrive our chech-in luggage and chech them in again.

Whatever for the delay, we arrived 1 hour late. After taxiing to the port, there was only 45 minutes left. We ran to American immigration.
Ran to collect our luggage.
Mine was ready.
“You go Irene … “ DQ told me.
So I left. Where were the custom officers?
I kept on going.
The AA counter.
“Oh, no, we can’t take your luggage.”
They told me to go elsewhere to drop off.
I normally travel light, just a carry on. But since DQ mules a few suitcases stuff to Nica, so I took a check in bag. We had to wait anyway.
Miracle, I found that #3 destination without trouble and handed over my luggage.
When I raced to the gate, I found it closed.

It’s delayed.
Waiting for the crewmembers.
Sounds better than maintenance problem.
Only hope that the captain would show up sober.
Call my gang, take your sweet time.
Where was my cell?
… …
So was the hazard or joy of taking an indirect flight. Nica is only about 4 hours away from New York. Would a direct flight bring in more tourists? I think so.
the blonde

When the plane’s door finally closed, we were ready to take off. I saw and heard commotion. Two young Brits were arguing in the front.
They insisted to be seated in the business class … ya da ya da ya da.
The crewmembers were unyielding. So the two blondies went to sit with the rest of us.
They reminded me of Ashley Alexandra Dupre. They won’t give up. The next thing I knew, they were seated in the business section.
My neighbors were a cute and black couple, very Cosmo. She made a face once the commotion died down.
Lou had circulated this joke few weeks ago. I just had to share it with her:
“A blond took a flight to LA and insisted that she should be seated in the first class.
‘No, you don’t have ticket for it.’ The flight attendant reminded her.
The blond won’t budge.
So the crew handed the problem to the captain.
He whispered something to the blond and she then quietly went back to the plebe section.
‘What did you tell her?’ The attendant asked the capt.
“Oh, I told her that this section doesn’t go to LA.’”
New York, sweet NY … finally we arrived in Noo Yawk. The AA terminal in JFK’s pretty neat and new. Good.
Then the wait for luggage began. I never lost a luggage in travel. No bring a check in is a good way to begin.
2am, we filed into AA office to file lost luggage – 6 in total.
Few guys were hanging around asking if we need ride. Not licensed. $40 to Flushing.
DQ shocked her head. She didn’t like to ride in the car that’s unlicensed.
She said no.
We ended up took a yellow cab that cost $23 for the 3 of us.
I stumbled into home, sweet home at 3am.
The following day 5 out of six luggage were delivered before dinner; and Simon’s came the next day.
Every one had something got stolen except me. Simon purchased a bottle of rum. When he opened his luggage, the bottle was empty. Is this rum the cousin of the Louis XIII (de Rémy Martin, the cognac, not the king)?
DQ lost her DVDs …
Lou lost his cables

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