Hastings on Hudson

1 River St,
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706
(914) 478-2800

Highly recommend. Also great for event. I went there on a snowy sunny day in 2011, all great and delicious. Today, all good and delicious too, without sunshine. The dates, wrapped in bacon are yummy. I’ve never been there during warmer months – one summer we stopped by on the way home, at 9:35, the place was packed! Oh boy. I think I enjoy the colder times -:).

The fatty charcuterie although a delicacy but I don’t enjoy much: during my childhood in Beijing, we had plenty of pork lar: saute, used it as butter on buns with soy sauce to add flavor … it was delicious then -:)

We left at 6 pm and there was a group of kids, 6 years old (?), which is unusual. Two tennis bubbles are next door – but the kids are in street cloth tho.


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