Trattoria Zero Otto Nove

2357 Arthur Ave
Bronx, NY 10458 (Belmont)
(718) 220-1027

Love the high ceiling! Joyous waiting staff. Delicious foods. The big clock is cool. Don’t let it door to fool you. The bar area is ordinary, the big mirror is kind of … but after the tunnel, you’ll be greeted by the high ceiling dining room. The Chianti is better than the pinot noir. We’ve:

  1. Quattro formaggi – polenta with mozzarella
  2. Brasato e peperoni – short rib with red bell pepper
  3. Zuppa di Vongole – clams
  4. Margherita Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano & basil


The bell pepper is too sweet for my taste but the dish is delicious. They have short rib for appetizer which I have, and main course. I’m glad for the choice because the next table ordered it as the main and it is huge.

Dislike: their wine glasses, like 20+ years old and thick, almost ruined my wine … Pls change them!

Belmont is the area and Arthur Ave, one way street is the main drag. Love the neighborhood. It feels a little old fashioned: they get their supplies from the neighbors. While waiting for our table, we discovered some unbelievable gems: Casa della Mozzarella, pasta shop, pork shop, Addeo & Sons bakery.





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