Asian Jewel

13330 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 359-8600

This restaurant has been the first with decent table setting, a little fancier when that street was kind of vacant. Now the same street is booming with a Hyatt and new building is going up.

The Peking duck is terrible. And on top of it they used bread, are they out of their mind? It’s ugly and awful, should be thin crepe!

The interior hasn’t changed much. The managers are the same. Of the many visits, I find food is below the average. We’ve the set menu $428 for 10 people. Except the noodle, nothing to talk about. Granted this is a Cantonese restaurant but other dishes are tasteless.

About 16 years ago, I made a reservation for dinner during Chinese New Year, for 20 people, and paid a deposit, for a little alcove with the sliding door. I thought was just perfect for us. Two nights prior, a manager called me to say that spot was given to someone else who paid more. But promised would have two tables for my group. The funny thing was – I made them to write the spot on the receipt for no apparent reason (never thought any business would do that sort of thing) but it turned out saved my day or night. When I got there that night, a woman in suit looked at my receipt and swallowed hard: that alcove decked out to the nine. The menu stuck to the wall – $500 a table. I think ours cost like $200. We had the dinner in that corner. After second course a manager came and rip opened the sliding door. Ha ha ha.
Another time a gf and I went for lunch. An elder woman with push carts came, trying to sell more freshly made dim sum. We had an eggplant that was kind of pushed on us. So my gf said, jokingly “can we exchange? We didn’t touch this eggplant.” To our horror the woman just did that – taking that dish from our table back to her carte. Even more appalling a manager was looking on. Amazing they’re still in business.
No corkage fee. Parking on site. One way street.

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