Statue of Liberty

You got to listen to your husband, I’m serious. I was playing tour guide and heading over to Lady Liberty because that’s what my charges want. For a moment, I didn’t know where to go. So I got on the cab and heading toward South Ferry, and calling up my spouse.
“Hi Honey, I’m going to see the Lady with the torch.”
“Really? Do you have a reservation?”
“What reservation?”
“It’s a huge production. You need a reservation.”
I was thinking, holy molly I didn’t.
So as soon as we got off the cab, a few ticket agents surrounded us and trying to sell us. Since I was told about ‘reservation’ and these guys kept telling me that we just pay a little more so we don’t have to wait online. Whatever. I paid. …. and as you know, husbands are always right. Their boats only circle the Lady, they don’t land on the island. And the next departure was 1.5 hours away. I wasn’t happy. I took them on the South Ferry to Staten Island and back, then asked the guy for a refund. He did.

不听老公话 吃亏在眼前 😂. 人生第二次去拜见女神🗽. 老公说需要订位… 俺自以为是,得意洋洋买了一个🎫 (错票). 然后欢天喜地的去上🚢 结果就没有然后了. 够愚🐟… 最近来了四波娘家人,高兴过头,有点不知道姓什么了 [Smart]. 七月还会有娘家人要来,俺就一直兴奋下去吧. 不八了,去看看俺的头在哪儿哈 [Facepalm]



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