Europe 2017

This is a research trip, mainly to Oxford and London from May 30 to June 12. The air, which I purchased shortly before the trip, from JFK to FRA is inexpensive @ $767.40 (on Air France but flew both ways on Delta) that I thought it’s the standing only ticket -:). On the whole, Europe, feels rather cheap this time. Strong dollar against pounds and Euro is also a reason: appx. $1.30 to £1, and $1.12 to €1. I used train line in UK, the odd guy out of Europe, not just because of Brexit.

The flight home from Frankfurt on delta, even I booked it on Air France, is … first, we have to take a bus to get on the transatlantic flight which is first for me – for a transatlantic flight. My little experience has been that the flights to Europe or Asia considers long haul hence had a little privileges, such as meals, alcohols and direct access to the planes. Second, the flight is a little dirty. The pocket isn’t cleared and the seat isn’t cleaned. Third the movie screen is smaller. I watched Money Monster and Gold.

I walked a lot during this trip, and set a personal record at 14 miles.

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