Picnic Garden, Korean BBQ

15405 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354

I don’t like buffet especially Asian buffet: Too much rush, like in a war – this may have changed – but just to prove how long ago my last Asian buffet has been.

The place is very pleasant with the spacious entrance. As soon as we sat down, the waiter lighted up the grill and informed me: grandma, it’s a self serving buffet. Ok I made up this one but he did inform me that it’s a buffet. I’m senile, for sure.

The seating: I like the wood but the distance to the table is not the most comfortable, bit too low too – this is coming from a midget.

The food: is so so. I like the raw beef and noodles but they both are too sweet for my taste. The other cooked foods, like wings and fish are aged, old, chewy and tasteless. Well, there are sauces.


During one of my trips to the food counter I saw a gentleman with an overflow raw beef on his plate, sauce dripping (I wanted to say to him: it’s plenty, no need to go crazy … but then again, Irene isn’t the prefect spice on earth … – see my typos and all … I meant species …) which got me thinking, since the raw meats section is next to salad/noodle section: are they safe from the raw foods next to them? My suggestion to the restaurant is, switch the raw meats with wings section which is separate. Let the raw meats stay by themselves.

In any case, I found them to have not wide enough food selections for me to return. Oh they don’t have desserts which is fine with me. There are two containers of watermelon and cantaloupes – both are empty which is, kind of ok with Irene too. Overall experience is fine, relaxing (on a Thursday afternoon) – not rushed. And the waiting staff don’t throw dishes – no noisy. For $19.99 (1.5 hr time frame – not sure how hard do they enforce it) I think I can have something else better.


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