75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011

By far the better Chinese food among the high end/Asian fusion restaurants in the big apple – New York. The interior decor is wonderful – more photos on their web site.

The molten chocolate cake maybe slightly less desirable to Tao‘s (and there is a Tao across the street) but other dishes are hands down better. Oh you can have a heart to heart talk with your soul mate here too.

I enjoyed all the dishes we ordered. Except perhaps the broccoli. The oxtail dumplings are awesome – very oxtail = meaty. Black cod is so good we ordered the second helping – I know … can’t take Irene anywhere.


The bathroom has no maiden. Great.

Their service is super. Attentive and no bothering/pestering at all. The only complain perhaps is the Jade dumplings’ sauce spilling over the small plate. Their Argentina’s Malbec is pretty delicious. The Molten chocolate cake is good but not as good as Tao’s.

What did Buddakan do to earn such … double jeopardy? I’m a little late and don’t want to use my little brain. So as soon as the cab dropped me off at entrance to the Chelsea Market, I asked for direction (showed how long ago I went!) – Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina is immediately next door and they share the same address, and the waiter replied: “I don’t know.” Oh well. Next, the cops. I’ve always love the cops except when they issued me a parking tickets wrongly – like no parking on Wednesdays and yet I got a ticket on a Wednesday. So there came out two cops from the Chelsea Market, one was white and one African American. The white cop replied, “Buddakan? Oh it’s just around corner” and pointed me to the opposite direction. Actually as I am waking I feel it isn’t right. Anyway it is totally wrong. Not cool dude. Shame on you whoever you’re on the Sunday 7.16 at 6:35pm at Chelsea market.

Ok, to be sure and precise: it’s the black exterior corner building at the corner of 9th and 16th. If you see the Chelsea market entrance on 9th you’ve passed it.



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