The Sky Tower 傲云阁

傲云阁 Aoyun Ge on 133-147 Pak Tai Street 北帝街 in Kowloon is a new development after Kai Tak Airport 啟德機場 was shut down. 三姑姑 Gugu Auntie Jennie used to live in Shatian 沙田. After a recommendation from one of her friends, she went to see and decided to purchase right on the spot. She paid HK$1,950,000 for a one bedroom on 20th floor in 2003. It has a study which she uses for teaching and a balcony looking out to the pool. It sells $3,900,000 nowadays. All the rooms, kitchen and living room are really small but it’s a standard size for HK. The premise is very clean, well maintained. She pays only about $700 per month for maintenance. I’m trying to picture a condo in Queens with that ratio!

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Her building has 58 floors, each floor has 8 apartments. The three elevators are just not enough to keep a speedy service – long wait all the time. But I could certainly settle it just for the swimming pool !! The guard told me it’s about 35m in length.


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