The name changer: the same location has always been a restaurant just under different names.

Element opened 2 months again, is pretty good: will return.

The bathroom is spacious and clean but no hanger for handbag.

It can get very hot due to the building system – not their fault – … which is one of my long standing complain about waste in USA: no need to heat the house like equator in the winter and North Pole in the summer – people could live with a sweater in the winter. If they think they need a Hawaii short in December, they should move to Hawaii or have their head examined. (phew … feel good to let that out … ha ha ha)

Food, are good. Service is good (even more wine glasses are different for the same wine). Good utensils. The sauce for fried calamari is way too sweet but calamari is tender.

The rustic decor is nice but many the wood paneling is unfinished that sticks.


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