Hong Kong Maritime Museum

On Pier 8
Central, Hong Kong

A neat museum on the Pier 8, next to the  Star Ferry, it’s relaxing and convenient to visit, with many history.

I arranged 8 hour layover in HK to visit. Taking the airport express to Central is a breeze, quick and guaranteed of time, I highly recommend.


The museum takes credit card for purchase over hk$100. The admission for an adult is $30. I thought I don’t have HK currency. They suggest that I go to a 7 Eleven near by. I don’t really have a lot of time. So I offer them US dollar. They refused.
How about renmingbi?
Yes but we treat it as have equal value.
I have vague idea that Hong Kong dollar now has less value. They way she replies just confirms it. I agreed and took out all my banks and let her chose. Two red color 100 denominator notes and few 10 and 20. She took 1 twenty and 1 ten.
That night I take a taxi in Shanghai. The fare is 207 rmb. I gave him the two red color and 1 ten.
“Oh this is Hong Kong dollar.” He immediately spots it.
Emmm… I don’t feel good about the museum. The vendors are all sharp either in Hong Kong and China who spot the rmb/HK$ promptly. (Why do I always mix them together isn’t my lack of trying, also trusting the clerks.

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