It’s 40 minutes (G133 17:53-16:33) ride between Shanghai Hongqiao and Wuxi East 东站.
This is my second time visiting this southern city – I like it a lot but everywhere I turn I see people (obviously, 1.4 billion) and fake decor added to nature, such as lights, structures as if nature isn’t generous enough to them. 画蛇添足 is a Chinese idiom, adding foot to a snake – overdone. And it ruins the scene, IMHO.

We stayed at InterContinental in Wuxi, better decor, fresh squeezed juice (carrots, fruits, …) than xxx by the Taihu Lake, although the later has nice ground. As usual, the hotel/resort has courteous staff but again, front desk is slow, more than 15 min to check in.

A staff (perhaps a manager) in suit said to me, “I’ll send a ginger tea to your room” when he saw me wet from the rain. Hotel offers free umbrella but requires 100 yuan deposit – then why did they swip your credit card.

Meals, we have lunch at 18 and quick dinner and lunch at Nianhua Zhen 拈花镇, as if 沾花惹草, hahaha (illiteracy).

Two attractions on this visit: the Tutle Head Peninsula on Taiho Lake, and Nianhua Zhen.


Zhijian Yuansu 至简元素 is a clothing store where we bought a lot. Not inexpensive tho.

120 admission ticket. Sunday was filled with tourists and Monday was with school kids. It’s a short shuttle ride to town – walking is nice too. The feel of the little town is more Japanese than Chinese.




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