Wine in China, 2018

Western wines have a bigger market than before (duh!), like in 2014. The consumers, from tv shows to average Joes and Janes are drinking more (duh!). But they’re obvious more expensive than in US.

D. V. Catena wines are pretty popular in China. My cousin in Shanghai serves it which is understandable bec she lived in Argentina for more than a decade. What a little surprise to me is my aunt in Beijing has it too (Cabernet 2015). In 2016 I tasted Malbec 2008 and this year, she serves Cab-Malbec 2013 (Mendoza sells about $15 and Maipu $19 in US). They’re all decent.

Two other wines I find to my liking are,

  • Old Vines Zinfandel 2014 from St. Francis wines (Santa Rosa/Sonoma). Char sells it at ¥978 (abt $157) while one can get at $19 in US.
  • La Perle de Roséline Cõtes de Provence 2015 from Château Sainte Roseline. It was served at the Hangzhou Sofitel‘s executive lounge – free; retails in US for about $16-$25.

Lafite continuously to be in demand in China even many of the consumers don’t know how to appreciate them. 10,000 bottle counterfeits fake wine were found in Wenzhou in 2012. Couple of cheapwines I’ve

Los Vascos Grande Reserve 2013 fm Chile, Domaine Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) @ Suzhou – this one I’ve had before, both in Shanghai and at home in NY; decent.

Légende Bordeaux 2015 ¥168 (abt $27) for 2 bottles plus 2 heavy glasses and a decanter. The wine is very young and pretty rough/raw. Forbes wrote about this wine in 2017. It sells around $15 in US.

It’s good to be living in New York, for sure.

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