The Met’s Middle East

Safavid tile panels (below) Garden Gathering, Iran probably Isfahan period (1501-1722)

This section of the Met I’ve not visited often. East, Middle East, India, refined porcelain, tiles, carpets, arts … yet the Middle East hasn’t changed much over the past centuries. What had led me here is I rewatched Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and the movie showed me the same. Also the Medusa and bathtub.


The Mid East @ Met – all 6 exhibits are fm Iran – unchanged over centuries … it’s hard to connect the past with the present. What had gone wrong? Do others have the right to impose their will to a country/region/religion …? 大都会的中东厅 (6件展品来自伊朗) 前个星期重新看了1962年拍的 “阿拉伯的劳伦斯” 所以跑来大都会的中东展区. 12世纪前后 美轮美奂的艺术 非常难和今天的中东连接上… 地理决定一切?别人有权利指点他人的江山吗?


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