Guozijian Museum 国子监 in Beijing

13 Guozijian St, Dongcheng Qu,
Beijing, China, 100007

Other names for it were, 国子学, 国子寺 or 太学 could translate to, Imperial National Academy, Imperial College, Imperial Academy, Imperial University, Imperial Central School, National School, National Academy, National University … It’s now combined with Kong’s Temple.

On my last visit there in spring 2018, the place is filled with tour groups and a Coming of Age party (chengrenli 成人礼) for a high school (Beijing tuanjiehu #3 School 北京团结湖第三中学). The tour guides teach the tourists how to salute (xingli 行礼) to Kongzi and the good karma will help their kids in gaokao. Really? Give me a break.


Glazed Memorial Arch (liuli pailou 琉璃牌楼) was built in 1784. The stone steles engraved with the list of jinshi from the Qing dynasty (Qingdai jinshi timingbei 清代进士题名碑).

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