Zhongguancun 中关村

It is located in the northwestern part of Beijing. Since 1980s, it is knows as “China’s Silicon Valley”, bands between the northwestern Third Ring Road and the northwestern Fourth Ring Road. In 1960s (at least) to present, Bus #332 runs from Zoo to the Summer Palace, through Baishiqiao Lu, and turns west where ZGC Road went east.

Since 1950, ZGC was synonymous for Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), actually they were interchangeable.

The names of those two roads have changed a few times. According to this c. 1900 map, from Cixi Evil Empress Of China,  it shows as Zhongguancun Lu  and Baishiqiao Lu.

circa 1900

c. 1900

Fourth Ring Road, Zhongguancun Lu intersection

4th Ring Road, Zhongguancun Lu intersection; 2013-Jan-11


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