So far, the experience in New York has been good, in comparison to the logging we’ve had around the world … dealing with cancelations, and terrible situation such as the one below.

A terrible host …

Benefit Street
Providence, RI

This is an AirBnB home in Providence, Rhode Island. The stay was a disaster from the beginning, at check-in. The messy floor greeted us as soon as we opened the house door, then the door to the apartment was deadlocked… we simply couldn’t open.

Here’s the pros and cons:

Pros: convenient, has an a/c (noisy tho)


1. WRONG INFORMATION that resutling a parking ticket. The host site stated “it’s pretty easy finding free street parking just outside this house.” And assured me repeatedly in our private communications – I’ve been to her area before, therefore I asked about parking. (Now her site doesn’t mention parking anymore …)  The street sign says 3 hrs parking 8 am to 6 pm. After the ticket, I dig a little, to find that the city has a rule ->  that overnight on-street parking is not allowed, unless you buy a permit. Those kind of information I really do rely on the hosts. When they say parking is easy and free, it relaxes me totally. Never would I think otherwise.

2. Can’t open the door at check in: Finding the key to the house is like Escape Room – it’d fine but not fun in the rain. With 1st set of key, we opened the front red door to the house, to a floor FULL of mails, I almost tripped. Found the 2nd set of the key to the apartment but couldn’t open the door. I’ve been communicating with the host thought out the day since I knew she works and has guests were checking out late. When I called, both calls went straight to her voice mail. We left the apartment in a down pour. The host explained that she’s on the work phone (and the previous guest had deadlocked the door … ) so couldn’t answer my call. … Well, the AirBnB isn’t a charity either, correct? (AirBnB wasn’t much of a help. 20 minutes passed before someone answered it. AND I’ve to verify my phone. WHAT’s that for???)

3. Dangerous chimney: a neighbor who’s an architect, asked me if I live there, and pointed out the bluestone is broken. “It’s dangerous…” he said.

4. Can’t close the front red door: no matter how hard we pushed.

The room has no closet nor hangers. I asked for hangers, there’s no response.


What’s my recourse when the host provides wrong information that resulting a parking ticket? The city has overnight parking rule yet the host wrote in her intro and repeatedly assured me that street parking is easy.

After no respose from AirBnB for 3 days in private message, I posted on their facebook page and got a reply immediately, directing me to their

The support (in private I guess) ignnored me for 3 days. Why does it have to be this way, air publically to get help??

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