Astor Hall @ NYPL


Then and now photos of Astor Hall at the New York City Public Library. The inscrption reads: Named in recognition of whose generosity and devotion to this library over five generations are exemplified in our time by Brooke Russell Astor
Trustee May 18, 1978

The benefactors during 1958-68

More old photos of the library are here.

This undated photo looks very much like the genealogy room or the Irma and Paul Milstein room. The couple is credited with their support of the collections and services of the history of US, local and genealogy.


The City of New York has erected this building for the free use of all the people.

MCMX (1910?)

I look to the division of light and education as the resource most to be relied on for ameliorating the condition xx… and advancing the happiness of men.

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