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This year since May, the New York Botanical Garden staged the Georgia O’Keeffe – Visions of Hawai‘i. The 20 paintings she did in two months in 1939 in Hawaii. (They’re not seen together since the debut in 1940.) For her Hawaiian trip, apparently, an advertiser (N.W. Heirs & Sons?) invited her over, to paint something for an pineapple company. She did and painted more The exhibit ends this month, Oct 31.

Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986) is one of my faves. She was an American artist known for her larger than life flowers, NY skyscrapers and New Mexico landscape. I bought this dress to see her -:).

On my first visit to the Met which was a few months after her death, I visited Rodin, I then wandered around the huge museum, and came to face to face with one of her paintings. Bold. elegant. Simple. Vibrant colors in a way that are very plain. I’m a fan ever since.

Her 20 paintings are displaying @ NYBG, in a room on the 6th floor of LuEsther T. Mertz Library. The exhibit will end this month, Oct 31. All the works are from various sources. Smithsonian American Art Museum (Hibiscus with Plumeria – the poster), Muscatine Art Center Iowa (White Lotus) and so on. Some are from private collections. The Garden has many Hawaiian flowers. It seems a good place to showcase her Hawaii artworks. But I didn’t see any sponsors listed for this exhibition.
 In 2014, her Jimson Weed sold for $44.4 mil, oddly enough by the namesake museum, through Sotheby’s in New York. Her works are valuable. At the exhibit, there was only a guard. I didn’t find out how the Garden handles the delicate temperature and security, etc. Not sure the other institutions/privates charge the Garden for loans, but transportation, installation and insurance, etc. are sure not cheap.


今年5月以来,纽约植物园举办了乔治亚奥基夫 – 夏威夷的视觉。 1939年她在夏威夷的两个月里画的20幅画。因为 一位广告商(N.W. Heirs&Sons?)邀请她为夏威夷的一家菠萝公司画广告。 展览于本月10月31日结束。

Georgia O’Keeffe(1887 – 1986)是我的最爱之一。 她是一位美国艺术家,以花卉,纽约摩天大楼和新墨西哥州风景而闻名。 我还买了这件衣服看她 – :)。

在我第一次访问大都会,这是她去世几个月后,我看完罗丹之后,就在巨大的博物馆里闲逛,不经意走到她的画前面。 胆大。震撼。 优雅。  充满活力的色彩,非常简单。 从那时起我就是粉丝。

她的20幅画作在植物园LuEsther T. Mertz图书馆6楼的一个房间里展示。20件作品均来自各方面。 史密森尼美国艺术博物馆(Hibiscus with Plumeria – 海报),Muscatine艺术中心爱荷华州(White Lotus)等。 有些来自私人收藏。 植物园里有很多夏威夷花。 这似乎是展示她的夏威夷艺术品的好地方。 但我没有看到任何赞助商参加此次展览。 2014年,她的吉姆森威德以4,440万美元的价格出售,奇怪的是同名博物馆通过纽约的苏富比拍卖行。 她的作品很有价值。 在展览中,只有一名警卫。 我看到植物园如何处理微妙的温度和安全等。不确定其他机构/私人是否收取花园贷款的工程,运输,安装和保险等等。

这个纽约植物园O’Keeffe 的夏威夷画展只展她1939年去夏威夷二个月中所画的二十件作品. 这二十在1940年一起展过 这次是1940后第一次集体亮相. 纽约植物园也是很花心思 网罗这些作品 – 一些来自博物馆 一些从私人.


The left is from NYBG taken @ 12;35 pm, the right is at a friend’s house, on Oct 6 at 11:30 am.

左是植物园10.05 @ 12:35 pm 的. 由是朋友家早上10.06 @ 11:30 am 照的. 这是女神 1936 年画的野花 Jimson Weed 2014年由苏富比拍卖了记录 $44.4 mil (四千四百万美金).

1980年代台湾女星何莉莉在香港一个晚宴上说 老公送花可以 就是不要送她野花… (我挺喜欢何的, 漂亮又机智, 但是从来没有看过她的电影) 2014 看到那个报道 我马上想到何 – 野花也是很厉害啊 pun intended




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