H.K. Cultural 香港文化

Hong Kong used to be a cultural desert; errrhhh that’s beside their only culture of money. Now, their orchestra is in fine shape but they have added a ballet too, also housed in their new (new to me who hasn’t been back there since 1986) H.K. Cultural Centre 香港文化中心 since 1989 by the Star Ferry in 尖沙嘴 Tsim Sha Tsui. I took in the New Moon 月舞 (HK$120) – nothing to write home about. The small studio theater was cozy and comfortable. New York City has about 8 million inhabitants, about a mil more than Hong Kong but we support Lincoln Center and the Carnegie Hall, among others. Hongkongers have a long way to go.

Auntie Jennie still teaches. On my last day there, she had a student came for lesson. Her impatient manner (could be down right rude) with her less talented students back in Beijing still vivid in my mind. I held my breath in the living room. The student was a young woman, in her late 20s or early 30. The lesson went very straightforward in her tiny library/office/music room. The sound of Aunt Jennie teaching in Mandarin and the student repeated it orally in Cantonese before she did it on the flute was mellow. Is the student getting a Mandarin lesson as well? I laughed softly to myself. Auntie Jennie hasn’t changed much.

“My students all love me very much.” Auntie Jennie told me. “I found them jobs .. ..” Her students keep her going. When she first got to Hong Kong in 1980, she used to complain that she came too late because her peers like Liu Mama and Huang Manlu have scoped up all prospects. She found her footing now.

something was cooking at the Centre

by the Studio to the ballet

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade .. getting married !!

Someone is getting married on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

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