Ming tombs 十三陵

The compound has 13 Ming (1368-1644) emperors’ mausoleums, locates in Changping, 26 miles northwest from the center of Beijing. We call it shisan ling, thirteen tombs. The photos of the statues are on the Sacred Way leading up to Changling 长陵, the mausoleum of the 3rd emperor Yongle (永乐, 1360-1424; r. 1402-24). The color photos are taken on 2018.10.10 by my high school classmates Xu Tong and Tang Zheng – thanks sweeties. The black and white, first two are from Presbyterian Archives Research Centre, in 1911. #79736



The following three black and white are from China marine, undated. Not quite sure of the first and the third.




The 13 mausoleums are:

  1. Chang Ling Mausoleum 长陵
  2. Xian Ling Mausoleum
  3. Jing Ling Mausoleum
  4. Yu Ling Mausoleum
  5. Mao Ling Mausoleum
  6. Tai Ling Mausoleum
  7. Kang Ling Mausoleum
  8. Yong Ling Mausoleum
  9. Zhao Ling Mausoleum
  10. Qing Ling Mausoleum
  11. Ding Ling Mausoleum 定陵
  12. De Ling Mausoleum
  13. Si Ling Mausoleum

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