Le Bernardin

155 W 51 St
New York, NY

Near Times Sq.

This is a Michelin 3 and I’d say it’s 5 star good and will return.

Great food, presentation and service.

The main dining hall could be a little too noisy at time. The large round table could easily seat six next to us, hosted two group of couples – one after the other – they sat facing the hall. It felt pretty weird.

They seem to supply butter too quickly – I drink butter – I don’t mind to finish it all before they bring out another fresh one. The following is the  four course menu of: almost raw, barely touched, lightly cooked and the sweets – which are mostly ice cream.

The little freebies – I think the turning starter is the least likable.

… the little hall way to the bathroom – nice painting – ha ha ha.

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