Carnegie Hall 卡内基音乐厅

881 7th Ave,
New York, NY 10019

My first visit to a back stage. It’s a yes and no experience.

Yes part: experience the tranquility of a performing venue that always fills with people. Get to see the building in details – pages of Beethoven’s. Visited their museum which is open to public but one isn’t likely to go; and on the event evening, one is likely to forget to go or it’s closed.


The guide: provides some unknown stories. If you dig deep you probably will find them. I did ask him about Isaac Stern. He replied “… was wonderful man…”
“No stories?” I meant some unflattering stories. How unwise I was. He said “no other stories.” … But in any case, Mr. Stern was the man who saved Carnegie Hall.

Yoyo Ma was one many artists that are gracing the walls.


The no part: the venue itself – the red seats are ok but the overall workmanship isn’t too good. If the guide didn’t praise it so much I probably won’t feel this way …

The funny part, at end of the tour, the guide said “… enjoy your stay in New York.”

Come on, how many tourist would go to Carnegie Hall’s back stage?!

And, as the concert venue, Lincoln Center is far better for the audience.

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