Beal’s Lobster Pier

182 Clark Point Rd
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

Will return. More pix here.

It’s a fun place to dine: you order your lobsters, clams or whatever that are in the tanks. The staff fishes them out, weight them and you go pay at the cashier. The open kitchen is behind them. The cashier will give you a stand that bears your order number. You go to find a table, inside or out door, to sit (or wait around to take it away), the staff will bring it to you. But you have to get your own drink from the little bar. The bartender was in a tank top, showcasing his beautiful tattoos.

Food and service are good.

Unlike many piers, the water around it is usually muddy and or with some floating things (like garbage), the water by their pier however, is clear, which, I find the unusual.


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